Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

The Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is the Treasure Valley's premier performing youth symphonic group. The group is open to woodwind, brass, percussion, and string 9th-12th grade students by audition. The BPYO provides professional ensemble training and opportunities through rehearsals and coachings from principal players of the Boise Philharmonic.The orchestra performs three concerts per year, with programs selected to broaden young musicians’ fluency with the enduring masterworks of the standard orchestral repertoire.

The purpose of the Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is:

1. To provide talented, accomplished young musicians from throughout the Treasure Valley with outstanding musical training and experience through full orchestra rehearsals and performances.

2. To enhance and develop current and future arts participation by our youth.

3. To enhance the cultural life of the Treasure Valley by providing excellent performances of the orchestral music.


FALL CONCERT: November 13, 2017- 7:00 pm - Morrison Center

WINTER CONCERT: Saturday February 24, 2:00 pm - Morrison Center

SPRING CONCERT: Monday April 30, 2018- 7:00 pm - Morrison Center

Concert tickets available in advance; $8 per person / $35 for family of 5 or more.

Tickets at the door available: $10 per person/ $40 for family of 5 or more

Recordings available at

**AUDITIONS FOR 2017-2018 SEASON HAVE CLOSED for all positions except viola and percussion


1. Please download the Audition Packet 2017-2018 to answer any questions you may have.  

2. Fill out your Viola or Percussion Audition Application (Will only be accepted if you have previously contacted me by email.)

3. Prepare your audition

Audition Requirements (non-percussion) 

1. 2-5 minutes of a solo of applicant's choice--this is not a strict time requirement, just find a good stopping point. 

2.  Major scales up to 4 sharps and 4 flats

3. Excerpts from La Forza del Destino (linked below) 

4. Sight reading

Audition Requirements (percussion)

1. 2-5 minutes from a mallet solo (xylophone or marimba)

2 Excerpts (linked below) 

3. Sight-reading on tambourine

*Percussionists will need to provide appropriate sticks and mallets for timpani, snare, and solo piece*

Excerpts by instrument: 

Viola 2017-2018 (H to L)

Percussion 2017-2018 (Snare: Lt. Kije, excerpt B) AND  (Timpani <piu animato> to the end)


Lauren Folkner 
Director of Education & Community Engagement

Boise Philharmonic