BOISE PHIL SHOWCASE has been reimagined and refreshed!

Tune into Boise State Public Radio – 90.3 fm Wednesdays at 2 pm to hear the Boise Philharmonic Showcase 2.0, hosted by musicologist Bradley Berg. Catch the reruns on Sundays at noon and Mondays at 9:00 am.

The Boise Philharmonic Showcase is a weekly radio program that explores all of the classical music happening right here in Boise. We’ll take you inside the latest concerts around town with exclusive recordings and interviews with musicians, conductors, composers, and guest artists. The Showcase will spotlight more than just the Boise Phil; weekly listeners will hear about notable orchestral concerts, chamber performances, and recitals happening in Boise and will have the chance to hear recordings from other performing organizations. Whether a particular week’s show features a recent performance or an archival recording, a timeless favorite or a groundbreaking new work, we will provide essential context, commentary, and listening examples to help guide your listening and transform your experience of the music.