The Boise Phil strives to deepen connections in the Boise community through the performance and experience of live music at the highest level. We offer energetic and enriching programs to families, students, seniors, and music lovers across our region, broadening minds and connecting one another to our shared cultural values.

MISSION: The Boise Phil reflects the energy and heartbeat of the Boise community through invigorating musical experiences that touch the human spirit.

VISION: To be an orchestra of extraordinary quality, recognized as a defining, bold, and relentless contributor to the arts in the communities we serve.

Eric Garcia took the baton in 2017, immediately connecting with our performers and audiences alike. His elegant and expressive conducting style, and his accessible and engaging personality, have become the face of a new, exciting era for the Boise Phil.

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As Idaho’s largest and oldest performing arts organization, the symphony performs for more than 50,000 people annually. Made up of 78 musicians hailing from some of the top music schools in the world, the Boise Phil is proud to offer world-class music throughout the Treasure Valley.

Our Musicians

Drawing from a rich tradition of chorale music and modern musical innovations, the Boise Philharmonic Master Chorale delivers an exceptional live musical experience, both in concert with the Boise Phil and as a performance group. Our 100 volunteer vocalists and their music director bring choral music to the Boise community through performance, outreach, and education programs.

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We rely on our community – through donations, ticket sales, grants, and sponsorships – to continue to support our mission. Please join us in recognizing and appreciating all of those organizations who make our important work possible.

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