Phil the Love

We “PHILtheLove” from our donors and sponsors during this time. Thank you so much from the entire Boise Phil family for helping us support our musicians and staff during this time. It’s amazing to be a part of such a wonderful community.

Adelia Simplot
Alan Dornfest and Virginia Gillerman
Alyce Rosenheim
Amie Bruggeman
Andrew Prater
Andrew Westling
Andy and Elizabeth Scoggin
Ann Peterson
Ann Stephens
Ann Vames
Anne Hay
Annette M Dillard
Barb Watkins
Barbara Morgan
Beverly Clark
Bill and Anita Kennedy
Bill McDonald
Bill and Barbara Watkins
Blaine and Denise Heald
Bob and Mickey Angell
Bob and Kathy Cummings
Bob Hay
Bob Modlin
Bob and Marilyn Smith
Brandon Snodgrass
Brenda Newmann
Brian Johnson
Bruce Moberly and Darlena Taylor
Burke Hays
Carl and Sigrid Perrin
Carol Wallace
Caroline Morris
Carolyn Thornton | In memory of Tim A Thornton
Cathy Guy
Cathy McCrea
Charles Robert
Cheri Folkner
Christine Quintana
Christine Smith | In honor of God
Christopher Davidson
Christopher and Julie Rich
Claude and Susan Connelly
Cynthia Alleman
Dan Oliphant
Dan and Edna Shochat
Daniel Warnick
Darlene Gratton
David and Judith Hume
David and Shelley Eichmann | Happy Birthday Ludwig van Beethoven
Dean Eyres | In appreciation of musicians
Deborah Stevenson
Diana Parker
Don and Marcia Liebich
Don and Diane Masterson
Donna Rowland
Dorothy Hill
Doug and Vicki Bruce
Dr. and Mrs E.E. Bloom
Ed and Eileen Brandt
Ed Lonsdale
Edith Easterbrook
Edward Bracht
Eileen Brandt
Ellen Wheaton
Elva Knight
Eugene de Laveaga
Evelyn Cates
Frank and Joan Mattern
Fredriksen Brown Insurance LLC
Gail Grace
Gary and Corinee GearGavin Morrison
Georgene Delihant
Gilbert and Dolores Gillette
Glen and Glida Bothwell
Harriet Shaklee
Heidi Nagel
Henriette Folkner
James Burrell
James and Berni Cockey
James Fullinwider
James Hetherington
James E. and Mary Monroe
Janet Dickey
Jennifer Lynn
Jim and Karen Bird
Jim Cockey
Jim and Tess Emerick
Joan Mattox
Joan Lindquist
Joe and Marcia Bleymaier
John and Chris Westwater
John Barnet
John and Diane Cross
John and Patricia Hermanson
John and Ruth Hicks
John and Diane Kahm
John Kriz
John Roberts and Chris Binion
Jon and Cathleen Wagnild
Jonathan Stroke
The Johnson Family
Joyce Taylor
Julie Kilgrow
Karin Camp
Karen Nicholas
Karl and Margaret Kurtz
Kathy Peter
Kent Morton
Kendall & Christine Smith | In honor of God
Kevin McTeague
Kristen Linzmeyer
Laura Brown
Laurie Anderson | in recognition of John Barnet and his unfailing support of the Boise Phil.
Larry and Susan Speir
Lars and Ann Sandren
Leah Allan
Linda Paul
Lois Morgan
Loma Garman and Beverly Barker
Loretta Halling
Mahlon S. Park
Marcia Liebich
Marguerite Frye
Marilyn Fordham
Mark Falconer
Martha Payne
Martin and Evelyn Marzinelli
Martin Jacobs
Mary Monroe
Mary Abercrombie
Mary Cook
Mary Erhart
Mary Hoey
Mary James
Miles Coe
Michael Kostka
Mikel and John Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buich
Mrs. Richard Williams | In honor of Richard WilliamsNathan Bott
Ned Kerr
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas G. and Cathy R. Miller
Norma Stevlingson
Patricia Hazard
Patricia Minkiewicz
Patrick Arnold
Patrick Schow
Paul and Connie Otter
Paul and Nancy Rolig
Paulette Ferris
Penny Manning
Peter and Susan Hood
Peter and Kathleen Pape
Phil Mortensen
Randal James
Randy Rasmussen
Raulo Frear
Richard Campagna
Richard Stillinger
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson
Rick Poplack
Ricky LaVaughn
Rita Hess
Robert and Dixie Blome
Robert Mortensen
Robert Vestal and Jyl Hoyt
Roberta Hansberger
Robin and Brenda Newmann
Rod and Karen Wiens
Ron and Karen Hodge
Ron Millar
Ruthann Sutton
Sally Howard
Sandra Evans
Sharon Moses
Shirley Ewing | In memory of my mother
Stephen Asher
Stephen and Sharon Bancroft | In memory of Mary Jane Webb
Stephen and Jean Boyer
Stephen Trott
Susan McPeek
Sylvia Dunkley Hessing
Sylvia Hessing
Syringa Family Medicine PA
Terrance Smith
Tess Emerick
Tim and Sylvia Copeland
Tom and Suzy Ryder
Tricia Baur
Vicki Kreimeyer
Vicki Gowler
Walter and Rita Donovan
Washington Trust Bank
Wayne and Peggy Thiessen
Wendy Bunn
Willard and Elaine Blitman
William Jones
Anonymous (16)
Matching Funds:
Mary Abercrombie
Esther Simplot
Steve Trott

This list is accurate as of July 6, 2020. We will be updating it periodically. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.