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Due to a very positive response to my last video/playlist, Leonard Bernstein’s Young Person’s Concert, I have decided to include another! This one is important to me for many reasons. As a young drummer, jazz was essential to my musical development. And Bernstein was a musician who was able to cross the musical borders of jazz and classical music, which was very inspiring.

This concert features a staggering “who’s who” lineup of performers:

  • Richard Davis, bass
  • Don Ellis, trumpet
  • Benny Golson tenor saxophone
  • Eric Dolphy, alto saxophone
  • Joseph Cocuzzo, drums
  • Gunther Schuller, guest conductor/composer
  • Aaron Copland, guest pianist/composer

Seeing these jazz greats in an education concert is incredible. They were all significant influences on me as a drummer.

However, to see a seamless addition of Aaron Copland, arguably America’s most important composer, and Gunther Schuller, a prodigiously talented conductor and composer is astonishing.

As an assistant conductor of the Seattle Symphony, I would later have a chance to work with Maestro Schuller. He was very kind, witty, and utterly brilliant.

This concert from 1964 remains a landmark: jazz and classical geniuses under one roof for the benefit of our children’s education and enjoyment!

Happy listening and watching!



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