Gift a Concert!

PHIL their stockings with music!

GiFT your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors a Boise Phil concert or subscription to the Digital Stage!

There are five concerts now playing, with four more premiering between now and the end of the year. 

Call the box office at (208) 344-7849 and put our elves to work making your holiday gift-giving easy and memorable.

A gift certificate and envelope can be mailed directly to your recipient or to you, or we can send an email with instructions to log in and start watching immediately.

A single concert is $14.99 (plus tax)

Subscription to the Digital Stage:
1 month: $29.99 (plus tax)
2 months: $59.98 (plus tax)
3 months: $89.97 (plus tax)
4 months: $119.96 (plus tax)
5 months: $149.95 (plus tax)
6 months: $179.94 (plus tax)
7 months: $209.93 (plus tax)
8 months: $239.92 (plus tax)
9 months: $269.91 (plus tax)
10 months: $299.99 (plus tax)
1 year: $329.89 (plus tax)

Happy Holidays from Boise Phil!