Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

The Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is the Treasure Valley's premier performing youth symphonic group led by Jennifer Drake, BPYO Interim Music Director. The group is open to woodwind, brass, percussion, and string 9th-12th grade students by audition. The BPYO provides professional ensemble training and opportunities through rehearsals and coachings from principal players of the Boise Philharmonic.The orchestra performs three concerts per year, with programs selected to broaden young musicians’ fluency with the enduring masterworks of the standard orchestral repertoire.

The purpose of the Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is:

1. To provide talented, accomplished young musicians from throughout the Treasure Valley with outstanding musical training and experience through full orchestra rehearsals and performances.

2. To enhance and develop current and future arts participation by our youth.

3. To enhance the cultural life of the Treasure Valley by providing excellent performances of orchestral music.


FALL CONCERT: November 13, 2017- 7:00 pm - Morrison Center

WINTER CONCERT: Saturday February 24, 2:00 pm - Morrison Center

SPRING CONCERT: Monday April 30, 2018- 7:00 pm - Morrison Center

Concert tickets available in advance; $8 per person/ $35 for family of 5 or more.

Tickets at the door available: $10 per person/ $40 for family of 5 or more

Recordings available at


Auditions will take place May 16, 17, 21 22, 2018 at the Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy (516 S. 9th St. Boise, ID 83702)

Students can begin preparing their scales from 4-sharps to 4-flats, a 1-2 minute solo, and begin practicing sight reading.

Please read the student Handbook before applying. 

Online Application and Payment

1. Pay your $25 application fee on our website here. This looks like you're buying tickets to a general admission concert, but it's really your audition deposit. 

2. Fill out your online application form

3. Please prepare the following for your audition:

1. Major scales up to 4 sharps and 4 flats. (C, D, E-flat, E, F, G, A-flat, A, and B-flat majors)

2. A 2-minute solo of your choice demonstrating your highest level of polish and musicianship. (Percussion will prepare either a snare or mallet solo). Please bring a copy of your solo for the judges.

3. Prepared excerpts (Click the link of your instrument to download a pdf of your excerpt.) 








Bass Trombone








4.Possible Sight Reading


What is the rehearsal schedule for next year? 

Check our schedule here: It's really tentative, but it's a start. 

What time does the Youth Orchestra meet? 

We meet on Mondays during the school year from 4:00-6:15 pm. 

How hard is it to get in?

Number of auditioning students fluctuate from year to year. Typically the winds are the hardest spots to win because there are so many talented players, and only 2-3 parts per instrument. 

Do returning students have to re-audition?

Yes! We want to ensure that our student musicians are always practicing and getting better. There is no guarantee that you'll stay in the orchestra each year. Make sure you prepare your audition as if you weren't already a member--someone is always practicing more! 


Lauren Folkner 
Director of Education & Community Engagement

Boise Philharmonic