Uncorked #1: Façade

January 27, 2019, 2:00 pm

Grab a drink and mingle with our talented Boise Phil Chamber Players at the Uncorked Series!

Join us for an incredible kick-off to our uncorked chamber series with Guilliame Connesson’s Double Quatuor, a colorful blend of romantic, lush melodies and harmonies, and modern dance rhythms. Composed for a combined string quartet and woodwind quartet, Double Quatuor is a pulsating opener. William Walton wrote the music of Façade to accompany the narration of twenty-one Edith Sitwell poems. Melissa Bagwell provides the virtuosic narration to Sitwell’s extraordinary and haunting text. Accompanying her through hornpipes, tangos, waltzes, yodeling songs, and other exciting adventures is a septet comprised of flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, percussion and two cellos.

Guillaume Connesson: Double Quatuor

William Walton: Façade

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William Walton: Facade

Our Uncorked Series features the Boise Phil Chamber Players in an up close and personal setting, enhanced by beer, wine and laid-back Sunday afternoons.

The Boise Phil Chamber Players will be led by Maestro Garcia and joined by Melissa Bagwell, who will perform a reciter for Walton's 'Façade'

Come an hour early and stay behind an hour late to get to know these amazing musicians and others in the Boise music community.