Illustrations by James Lloyd

After performing School Concerts for thousands of Treasure Valley students, join us for a free Family Concert at NNU’s Brandt Center as the Boise Phil performs “Music History Mystery Tour”.

Due to meddling within the music history timeline, Prof. Tutti can’t remember their favorite melody! With the help of their trusty sidekick, Tacet, and the Boise Philharmonic, they must travel through music history and gather clues from different musical eras to discover who wrote their favorite melody. Will they be able to recover the lost melody and avoid the villainous, Polly Tonality.

As you embark on this Music History Mystery tour, you will come across composers and pieces you’ve probably never heard before, so stay openminded and willing to learn something new.

*These performances are in collaboration with the Boise Contemporary Theater

Program to be Announced:

20th Century