Behind the Music: A Playlist by Music Director Eric Garcia

This summer we asked our Music Director Eric Garcia to give us an inside look into his listening habits. When you’re the artistic directional force behind an orchestra, listening time is precious and sound waves are chosen carefully. But, between the score study and rehearsals, Music Director Garcia lent us his short list of listening.

Listen along while you get to know our Music Director!

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The playlist includes the following albums:
Bach: St Matthew’s Passion – Harnoncourt/Concentus Musicus Wien
Schubert: 21 Lieder – Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
Brian Eno: Ambient 1/Music For Airports
Johnny Dodds: New Orleans Jazz
Bjork: Vespertine
Wagner: Tristan und Isolde – Carlos Kleiber

What kind of music, besides orchestral music, do you enjoy listening to in your free time?

I enjoy all kinds of music! Everything from classic rock to contemporary artists like Bjork and Radiohead. But of course, all music “classical” and “contemporary” is my true passion.

Tell us about your playlist and why you chose to share these songs with us.

This is my current short list, and It’s quite varied. Also, I enjoy listening to podcasts as much as music. Two of these podcasts are BBC’s “In Our Time” and The Bowery Boys: New York City History.

During which part of your day would you listen to a playlist like this?

I usually only have time to listen to music or podcasts when I’m driving. Not enough time!

If you could only listen to the music of one composer or songwriter for the rest of your life, who would you listen to?


Do you and your fiancée, Sarah, share the same taste in music?

Definitely. Apart from classical, one style we certainly agree on is ‘80s pop.

What other kinds of media do you enjoy listening to/watching in your spare time?

I’m a news junkie, so that takes up what little television time I have. With any extra time I enjoy watching comedies – like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Portlandia.

What kinds of activities would we find you doing when you’re not conducting or studying scores?

Reading, watching classic Hollywood and foreign films, and my favorite activity – taking my dogs Eddie & Hazel to the park.

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