Our four Boise Phil Chamber Players ensembles showcase some of the best and brightest talent of the orchestra. Whether they’re performing at our Boise Phil Chamber Players concerts, our annual Pub Crawl, or at In Roads events throughout the community, they deliver intimate, moving, and uplifting performances time and again.

The Langroise Trio

Established in 1991 with a gift from arts patron Gladys Langroise, the Langroise Trio are Artists-in-residence at The College of Idaho, where they form the string faculty. They have performed on chamber music series in Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, have released four CDs, and the Trio was one of the first groups to give an “internet archived” concert on the Millennium Stage of the Kennedy Center.

With its personnel among some of the foremost musicians in the country, the Langroise Trio ensembles offer an eclectic repertoire. Contemporary works by Idaho composers Jim Cockey and David Alan Earnest have been written especially for them and they stylishly play music from the Romantic, Classical, Baroque and Renaissance eras as well.

Concertmaster, TBD
David Johnson, Principal Viola
Samuel Whitney Smith, Associate Principal Cello

Woodwind Quintet

The Boise Phil Woodwind Quintet is comprised of five of our Principal woodwind players. You can hear them perform in our annual Pub Crawl in downtown Boise, or at their yearly Boise Phil Chamber Players performance.

Allison Emerick, Principal Flute
Carmen Izzo, Principal Clarinet
Lauren Blackerby, Principal Oboe
Patty Katucki, Principal Bassoon
Brian Vance, Principal Horn

Brass Quintet

The Boise Phil Brass Quintet plays what is arguably the most unique repertoire out of all the chamber groups. From the fast-paced “Ricochet” to rowdier Pub Crawl performances to “Music for Brass Instruments”, this group is sure to keep you on your toes!

John Kilgore, Principal Trumpet
Drew Ziemba, Associate Principal Trumpet
Michael Maier, Principal Trombone
Adam Snider, Principal Tuba
Aaron Price, Associate Principal/III Horn

String Quartet

The Boise Phil String Quartet performs some of the most well-known chamber music repertoire. Each musician brings her or his own powerful voice to the table, resulting in performances that never cease to move the audience. Hear the String Quartet perform at our annual Pub Crawl.

Chia-Li Ho, Associate Concert Master
Geoffrey Hill, Principal Second Violin
Lindsay Bohl, Associate Principal Viola
Ned Johnson, Principal Cello