Month: July 2020

Meet the Tuba: Adam Snider

The brass section will always be my favorite section of the orchestra (see blog post 1 for more on that subject). So, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to our Principal Tuba Adam Snider. The tuba is a relatively recent member of the modern symphony orchestra. The instrument was invented in 1835 and is a… Read more »

In Conversation with Eric Garcia

An orchestra’s music director guides the artistic vision for the organization, which extends well beyond the podium. This week I had the chance to catch up with Eric Garcia, Boise Phil’s music director, to dig into the nuances of his work and learn more about the ways that he has had to adapt to our… Read more »

Behind the Scenes – Meet the Staff

What makes a great team?             Both onstage and off, orchestras are filled with teams – whether it’s the brass section getting a chord tuned just right, or the stage crew calling the light cue at the exact moment the music swells, or the administrative staff who manages the business… Read more »