Behind the Music: Geoffrey Hill

This week we asked our Principal Second Violin Geoffrey Hill to give us an inside look into his listening habits. What he shared with us is both expected and surprising–who knew that Queen and Baroque violin solos belonged in the same playlist?

Listen along to hear what informs Geoffrey’s playing!

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Hi everyone! This playlist is a cross-section of my day-to-day listening habits, and includes my favorite styles, artists, and genres.

Since it’s concert week, I’ve been listening to works by our featured composers: Elgar, Britten, and Debussy, though you’ll notice that there’s slight twist to the Debussy recordings I’ve been listening to!

Moving along, Jean Sibelius is my favorite composer, and his sixth symphony is a criminally underplayed work which I’m taking this opportunity to share with you all.

There’s a Miserere Mei by Allegri, and a Baroque violin solo because I’m always trying to remind myself of the roots of our musical world hundreds of years in the past.

Billy Joel was a staple on the stereo as I was growing up, and in coming back to his songs as an older person, I find a lot of meaning and creativity in works like Allentown.

Up next is Queen, because I really need to remember to go see the new movie about them!

There’s also a work by Marc Mellits, one of my favorite composers of contemporary classical music, of which I am a huge proponent.

Lastly, there’s Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances – a work which I consider to be one of the crown jewels of all of Western music.

Be warned, these are pieces I simply won’t shut up about if you get me talking about them, so be careful next time you talk to me!